Top 10 Best Social Exchange Sites for Free Unlimited Social Likes

Do you want to get unlimited social likes and share by doing little work? If yes! then let’s continue the use of social exchange that will boost page likes and followers.

Yes! Social media exchange is the best way to increase likes on your facebook page. Not only Facebook but you can use the social exchange to get likes, shares, followers, subscribers, video views and much more on Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Google plus.

There is much social exchange community where you can join and spend some time to gain social likes and followers. They are based on the exchange system. Means, When you like/share/vote others social post then you will get a coin/point and then you can use that point to receive likes, comment, and shares.

Note: Do it in the limit. Don’t be in the hurry while liking and sharing someone post because social media sites detect the spam activity. If you do like/share/follow in the hurry, Your account may be blocked for someday to do so. So, be calm and take benefits of social exchange like.

TOS of Social Exchange Sites

You must follow below rules otherwise social exchange admin will ban you from exchange community.

  • Don’t buy or sell social exchange accounts.
  • You are not allowed to create multiple accounts.
  • Not allowed to sell or buy points.
  • Never use bots, auto-clickers or external scripts to get points.
  • Don’t dislike that you like while social exchanging.
  • Media must be public while getting likes and shares.
  • You are not allowed to post illegal, hateful, fake news, inciting violence type post.
  • Don’t use URL shorteners.
  • You must not add a virus infected site.

If you found any of the faults in you, They don’t take time to ban yours from social exchange site. and also they ban your IP address.

Best Social Exchange Sites

Social like exchange is the same like4like and sub4sub type site. You like others and others like you. That’s simple. If you join then you will get 100 or 50 points free without doing anything. So why wait? Let’s use below social exchange sites for unlimited social likes.





















These social exchange also sell point. If you are able to buy point then go for it otherwise collect points by like exchange.

I hope you take the benefits of these social exchange sites. If you want to thanks Top10wala then please share this article with your friends and family 🙂

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